Initial Cupping Session

  • 45 minutes
  • 75 US dollars
  • The Yoga Branch Studio

Service Description

For cupping as a standalone service if you have not received cupping therapy *with me* before. The beginning of your appointment includes a thorough intake and a 15-25 minute cupping treatment. Future cupping sessions are offered in 30 and 45 minute time frames. Future cupping sessions can be added to your massage session for +$15. Please consult with your provider prior to booking this appointment to make sure you are a good candidate for cupping. Cups may be used stationary, with movement, or a combination of both. You may feel relief after just one session, but it is recommended to continue treatments until you are able to maintain benefits monthly. ***Please note: cupping can leave discolorations for as little as a few days up to 2 weeks (in some cases). These discolorations are NOT bruises as bruises are a result from impact injuries and bruises cause pain whereas these marks do not have sensation. Cups can be moved around (called Massage Cupping) to prevent discoloration or placed in discreet areas that will be covered by clothing — please let me know if this is what you need. Please be mindful of scheduling this session two weeks prior to special events or if you are concerned about the marks. It’s recommended that you have a full day following the session to recover from the detoxification process. Cupping is great for relieving/reducing: •Chronic pain •Trigger Points •Facial swelling, drooping, and wrinkles •Cellulite •Headaches •Stress & anxiety •Menstrual discomfort •Pelvic pain •Fibromyalgia symptoms •Scar tissue / adhesions •IT Band syndrome •IBS / Gut / Intestinal issues •Plantar Fasciitis & heel spurs •Sciatica nerve impingement •Acute or chronic lung conditions (be sure that you do not have a fever and are passed the window of being contagious) You might choose cupping if you want: •Optimal health & fertility (approximately 40% of female infertility is related to either tubal obstruction and/or pelvic adhesions) •Reduce scarring/adhesions post c-section •Faster recovery after surgery & injuries (4-6 weeks/per dr. rec) •Increased energy & vitality •Improved digestion & elimination •Assistance with the detoxification process •Increased blood circulation & lymphatic flow In Studio Availability: Fridays 10am-5pm Tuesdays & Thursdays by request/availability

Rescheduling Policy

I completely understand that things come up and life doesn’t always go as planned! Please do your best to notify me 24 hours or more in advance if you need to cancel your session. •Yoga Classes/Workshops: If you should need to cancel/reschedule within 24 hours of your class, I kindly ask that you pay for class as space is limited. •Massage/Bodywork: If you should need to cancel/reschedule within 24 hours of your session, please pay 50% of the rate of your massage to help me recover my loss as it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to fill your spot. ***This is done on an honor system, at your own discretion. Thank you in advance for valuing me and my time! Payments & class pass credits are non-refundable/transferrable when cancelled within 24 hours of class.

Contact Details

  • 38891 6th Ave, North Branch, MN, USA