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GIFT CERTIFICATES: If you are redeeming an "in-home" gift certificate over 1 year old, your session will now take place at my studio. Please book online.

Please Note: The online booking system closes 2 hours prior to the start of a session.

Reach out to me by email if you're wanting to reserve a session after this window closes!

*NEW* You can now add multiple services to your cart. Sign in and give it a try!

  • A meditative style of yoga with long holds and props for support.
    Sun1 hr
    10 US dollars
  • A gentle flow practice with a focus on moving mindfully with the breat...
    Thu1 hr
    10 US dollars
  • For Newly Practicing or Established Yogis
    30 min
    60 US dollars
  • For Beginner Students & Established Yogis!
    1 hr
    85 US dollars
  • For Beginner Students & Established Yogis!
    1 hr 15 min
    100 US dollars
  • A private & custom class for your group!
    1 hr
    120 US dollars
  • A private & custom class for you and your friends!
    1 hr
    200 US dollars
  • Find a deeper connection with your body, breath, and higher self throu...
    30 min
    45 US dollars
  • Find a deeper connection with your body, breath, and higher self throu...
    1 hr
    60 US dollars

Interested in a discounted monthly membership or class pass? View Membership Plans. *New plans available as of 12/2022!*
*Now Accepting Afterpay for Holistic Coaching, Workshop Series, & Bodywork Deposits. 
Make the first payment up front and the rest over the next 6 weeks. 4 Payments. Always interest-free *when you pay on time*!

Atma Prema Wellness' Protocol for Reducing the Spread of Illnesses

If you're experiencing ANY cold or flu-like symptoms (with or without a fever) or if you have had a recent exposure to someone with COVID-19 or any suspected respiratory illness within 14 days of your session, please reschedule your reservation. You will not be charged for rescheduling. I will also reschedule our session if I’m not feeling well or come into contact with anybody who is or has been ill recently. 


Immediately upon arrival, I will wash (or sanitize) my hands and then again right before and after the massage session. As usual, I am properly washing/sanitizing all of my products, table, sheets, and blankets before and after sessions. 


Masks are not required by Client or Therapist during your in home session, however, for peace of mind they may be worn by Client and/or Therapist. Please let me know before your session if you prefer to wear a mask and/or prefer me to wear a mask. If you choose to wear a mask, the best practice for wearing one during your massage may be to wear it while you are face up (supine) on the table. It might be challenging to breathe fully with a mask on while you are face down (prone) in the face cradle. You have full autonomy over your well-being and are supported in your decision to wear or to not wear a mask.


Ultimately, my goal is for you to feel as safe and relaxed as possible during your session. Please honor what will bring you the most comfort during your in home massage session and communicate that with me via text, email, or on your intake form.

In addition to these measures, Alexandra of Atma Prema Wellness also trusts in the power of nutrition, supplements, stress-reduction and proper sleep habits. Daily supplementation of Vitamin C, D3, A, Zinc, and probiotics may be beneficial in supporting the immune system. (Please do your own research prior to taking supplements and consult with a provider if needed). Eating whole, organic foods, finding ways to reduce stress and getting quality and adequate sleep should not be underestimated. Your body is an intelligent system and treating your whole self - body, mind, and spirit - with trust, compassion, and care is important beyond measure. 

By booking an in-person session with Atma Prema Wellness, you acknowledge that your session is elective and despite all mindful preventative measures and best efforts, you may still be putting yourself at risk for COVID-19 or other illness. 

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