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Benefits & Conditions Treated

•Reduces stress & anxiety

•Increases relaxation

•Assists the body in removing toxins

•Reduces muscle soreness and tension

•Alleviates compression on the nerves

•Assists with the overall flow of energy within the body

•Loosens tight connective tissue

•Reduces facial wrinkles, swelling, and drooping

•Reduces cellulite

•Softens stretch-marks and scars/adhesions

•Improves varicose veins and spider veins

•Assists with digestion

•Clears congestion in the lungs

•Improves immune function

•Increases blood circulation & lymphatic flow

•Relieves migraine symptoms

•Assists in managing fibromyalgia symptoms

Cupping is great for relieving/reducing:
•Chronic pain •Trigger Points •Facial swelling, drooping, and wrinkles

•Cellulite •Headaches •Stress & anxiety •Menstrual discomfort •Pelvic pain •Fibromyalgia symptoms •Scar tissue / adhesions •IT Band syndrome •IBS / Gut / Intestinal issues

•Plantar Fasciitis & heel spurs •Sciatica nerve impingement

•Acute or chronic lung conditions

(be sure that you do not have a fever and are passed the window of being contagious)

You might choose cupping if you want:

•Optimal health & fertility (approximately 40% of female infertility is related to either tubal obstruction and/or pelvic adhesions)

•Reduce scarring/adhesions post c-section

•Faster recovery after surgery & injuries (4-6 weeks/per dr. rec)

•Increased energy & vitality •Improved digestion & elimination

•Assistance with the detoxification process

•Increased blood circulation & lymphatic flow

What to Expect

•Your first cupping session will be anywhere from 15-30 minutes. This will help you ease into the modality without creating too much burden for your body.

•Cupping may be done multiple times a week when treating a specific ailment/issue or monthly for maintenance.

•Sensation from cupping varies from person to person. Cupping should not be painful. The sensation will also vary based on body location and conditions present. One might describe the sensation as tight, pulling, or occasionally a slight pinching sensation when done over really tight areas, however, the suction can be modified at any time. 

•Cupping is beneficial for many ailments and can treat issues relating to nearly all systems of the body. Cups can be used over any areas that can be massaged.

Cupping therapy can help people of all ages.


•As with anything, there are contraindications for cupping therapy. Please consult with a trusted physician to make sure cupping is right for your body and reach out to Atma Prema Wellness with any questions or concerns.

Cupping Information

•Cupping uses suction to create negative pressure whereas massage uses compression to create positive pressure on the tissues. 

•Cupping has been around since ancient times. It has historically been used with blood-letting to remove evil/poison/disease from the body. 

•The marks left behind from the cups are discolorations. Despite how they look, these marks are not bruises and they do not leave behind any sensation, swelling, or soreness. The discolorations can be indicative of stagnation, congestion, and deficiencies. The healthier you are or the more treatments you receive, you will have less colorations. Moving cups may be used to prevent discolorations. Any marks will go away within a couple of days or up to 2 weeks depending on your level of stagnation or how you care for yourself following the treatment. 

•There are various styles and materials of cups used in cupping, including (but not limited to) glass, plastic, and silicone. There are many methods and techniques that can be used when treating the body with suction.

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