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Atma Prema Wellness


Atma Prema Wellness is a one woman business offering holistic bodywork, yoga, and coaching services. Atma Prema means 'unconditional self love' in Sanskrit. Alexandra was introduced to the word Atman, which means 'True Self', several years ago during one of her favorite yin yoga classes. She wept as her teacher read a beautiful poem about Atman at the end of Savasana. Right then, she knew in her heart that it was the word and meaning she'd been yearning for, for a very long time. Alex believes it is her purpose in life to connect with her True Self and find Unconditional Self Love and to support others in their journey of unconditional self love as well. 


Her approach is holistic, intentional, and intuitive.

She loves connecting her clients with their body, mind, and spirit through breath, movement, meditation, and touch. 


"As we collectively navigate this new world of uncertainty, there is a lot being brought to the surface; both internally and externally. Now, more than ever before, it is so important for each one of us to be connected and clear with ourselves and our unique, individual truths. We hold the very answers we seek, but we must get quiet and still enough to listen."

- Alexandra Strong

Atma Prema Wellness


A blend of Swedish, gentle deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and energy healing. Special services include Prenatal and Hot Stone massage. Massage sessions are offered in home within 25 miles of 55056 and in studio at The Yoga Branch on Fridays. Read more about the benefits of massage here.


Cupping is an ancient modality that can be traced back to cultures all over the world. This therapy uses suction to create negative pressure whereas massage creates positive pressure/compression. The cups may be placed in a stationary position for several minutes, which may result in discoloration (not bruising), or the cups can be moved around which prevents the discolorations. The discolorations may be indicative of stagnation, congestion, or deficiency. Cups can be used anywhere that the body can be massaged. Cupping should not be painful and the suction marks do not leave behind any pain or sensation. Cupping is beneficial for a variety of ailments and positively effects nearly all systems of the body. 

Read about the benefits of cupping here.


Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that calls upon the infinite source of universal energy as a way to heal and clear blocked energy within and around the physical body. This energy is channeled through the attuned practitioner to the receiver. In person Reiki sessions incorporate gentle and light or energetic touch to encourage relaxation and stimulate the natural healing process. Read more about the benefits of Reiki here.

Come home to your True Self through Yoga. Through mindful movement, breath, and meditation, yoga offers you a safe space to explore your whole self with curiosity and compassion. Beginners are welcome & encouraged! In person classes are offered weekly at The Yoga Branch studio. Videos are uploaded weekly for you to practice from home.


Coaching sessions that honor and acknowledge the whole of you. Whether you're experiencing a big life transition, lack of direction, or are looking for more tools to help you manage and reduce your stress and anxiety - these holistic sessions are an opportunity for you to reflect and (re)connect with your self.

These holistic healing products were thoughtfully designed and created by Alexandra of Atma Prema Wellness. After recommending the same products to her clients over and over, she had the vision of creating them herself so that she could offer them with ease. Alex values simplicity and sustainability when it comes to all products and purchased goods. She intentionally chooses the fewest, most high quality ingredients whenever possible.